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Our winery is nestled in the

Black Forest in Colorado

across from the Airforce Academy

and close to Garden of the Gods.

The company was created in

August 12th, 2007.

The winery is owned operated

by the Shapiro family.

My sons ( the Two Brothers) help

in the planting of the vines.

We started the vineyard back in 2007.

We first had planted the vines in pots.

My wife and I thought let's see

what grows.

We were surprised to see that they

really made an impression.

Growing the Vines

We started to plant little by little.

We decided to start the winery

as our vines began to grow.


We were told this one was winter hardy. One made it.

It's still there. It never produced anything.

We had a bad year in 2009.

An early snow killed most of the vines.

The vines took a bad hit.

We surveyed the damage and saw some that came back

like nobody's business.

In 2010, the two brothers planted owned vines. Wow!

We learned.

2011 Times are different. We are now planting 600 vines!

It is not if, it is how.

Wine making

I began to make wine in 2007.

First trying to make wine from Home brew shops.

Then we began creating our own kits.

We experimented and started looking for equipment.



Can vines grow at 7500 ft in Colorado?

Yes, they can. This process is not finished.

Typically, vines will grow 1.5 ft in the first growing year.

Our vines grow around 5 ft in length.

The vines are in ground late April or mid May.


The soil, the instense sun, the grow tubes will produce a drinkable wine.


I cannot give up all my tricks..! Just kidding.

I think I will put this off. I own my business.


Well, the vineyard is the experiment.

The experiment is a lesson in pride, delight,

struggle, and success.

Gather Results

Unfortunately the results are premature.

It is wine.

Communicate Results

We will try. Visit the site for more updates.


Our Land

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Our Meads


Melody in the Meadows:

is our sweet honey wine

that has been oaked.

Mead in the Woods:

A Golden Mead that is dry.

Forest :   A standard mead of wild flower honey, yeast, and water!

Wild Fire: This one is 100% contained! Or at least until you open it.

Merry Chokecherry: Choke Cherry Natural flavors with our Melody

Deer Plum Damsel: Deer Plum Damsel is a fruity blend of Colorado plums and Wildflower honey flavors.  This wine is made from locally produced wild flower honey, Plums, artesian water, and oak.  As this is a "big nose" wine, enjoy this wine with grilled white meats.  Big flavor!

Mountain Majesty:  A beautiful blend of wild flower honey and Colorado culinary chocolate lavender.  This wine brings a wonder lavender finish on the tip of the pallet.  A nice pairing with fruit salad, lamb, pork, poultry, and vanilla made desserts.  Nice at room temp as well.

Peach Sunrise:  Palisade Peaches and Colorado Sunshine honey!

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Black Forest Meadery

6420 Burrows Rd. Unit A, Colorado Springs, CO 80908 (719)495-7340

Black Forest Meadery Tasting Room

Open on Sundays only at 6420 Burrows Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80908, United States

(719) 495-7340

Regular Tasting Room

Sunday - /Winery 12 PM - 6 PM

Monday through Saturday 12 PM - 6 PM

at the Tasting Room 

6755 Shoup Rd. across from Black Forest Bistro and behind the gas station.